This is meant to be a safe space, especially for those who identify as LGBT and POC. Thus, I will be moderating comments to make sure this remains a safe space for all. So please, no derogatory slurs allowed. (WARNING: I have a pet peeve when ppl use the word “gay” as a derogatory slur. IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED PERIOD. same goes for “r*t*rd”. NOT ALLOWED HERE, OKAY?!?!? I can’t promise I’ll be nice about my warnings when I come across this type of language if you push my buttons. =/)

Also, no typing l13k th15. It annoys me. I’m not saying you should like, cross every t, have impeccable grammar or whatever, but really now. Just… spell so that it’s legible to those who read the comments, y/y? =D

Also, no bashing/flaming. Criticisms are fine and I always enjoy a good debate, but verbal abuse of the kind where it’s like “I HAIT YOU AND I HAIT YOUR FACE” doesn’t do anything for anyone. This is meant to be fun, after all. =D

So yes, most important of all, have fun~~ =D Bring on the commentary, good or bad, criticism or praise, and all things fannish!! =D I don’t bite, I swear! =D


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