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Rideback Picspam

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So, there’s this Winter anime that I really love, almost as much as I love Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou. It’s called Rideback, and I think it’s awesome and amazing (BALLET + MOTORCYLES + WAR OF TERRORISM = EPIC) and I can never really talk about it without flailing in my incoherency to express my love for this show. I only mentioned it briefly in my Winter Anime Impressions post (It has the summary and my flailing thoughts, for those who are curious) and never mentioned it again on the intrawebs until now. Because I found that whenever I tried to type an entry about Rideback, it would just degenerate into fangirl incoherent squee. 

But! There are some things that I can comment on. Namely, to provide screencaps of the beautiful, beautiful animated scenery of Rideback 
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