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Just when you think the Avatar!movie news can’t get any worse

Here be slogan from the awesome racebending team:


As some of you may or may not know, the Live-Action Adaptation of Avatar is using a white-washed cast. But you know, racebending is already doing a good job telling the world why this is WRONG WRONG WRONG so go to the link and check it out. What I’m here┬áto post about today is the news that Del Rey is going to make a “manga” out of this live-action adaptation. Here be link

I could post a long rant about why this is the stupidest idea ever, but thankfully wistfuljane has a post about it already so that I don’t have to! Go there and read it now.

Yeah, I’m boycotting this movie. Excuse me while I drop off posters in protest now.

Also? In other relevant news, we have official word from the Avatar!movie staff that They are not going to use Chinese calligraphy at all, replacing it with unreadable symbols. I think this is one of those days where I just hate people and despair at humanity.

(In conclusion, I totally suck at keeping up my blogging promises)

ETA: Pimping out International Blog Against Racism Week Because I can.


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