Sakura Hime Kaden Ch. 10 Recap – A Parody, Diary Style

Moar SHK! Why is this recap so short, you ask? Well, to be honest, I mostly found Chapter 10 boring–I can even sum up the whole 40 pages worth for y’all in a couple sentences right now, minus the SEKRIT REVEAL OF SEKRIT at the end (SPOILER SUMMARY IS SPOILERY):

Sakura: Replying to fan letters is so hard! Why must I be so popular? I will procrastinate and drag my posse to the club treehouse to talk about boys! Also, I reveal that I wanted to marry my brother. Incest just went canon, baby.

So yeah, except for the ending sekrit!reveal (which really wasn’t so secret since I bet half the audience guessed this already), this chapter was pretty dull in comparison to some of the other chapters. I was thinking of skipping this recap altogether but my prickly self and the need to do things in chronological order compelled me to finish. I ended up enjoying myself when I finally sat down and worked on this recap though, especially after I nailed down the format in which I should handle this Ch. 10 parody. Diary format was very fun to write in. >D

Excerpt from Sakura’s Diary:

Dear Diary,

Things have been great since Aoba and I made out in the fields of love. We’ve been avoiding the topic of marriage but he’s been treating me very well! The only disruptions in our happy dating lives are those wretched, wretched letters by those court ladies that I ignored and left piling up till I now have over two hundred letters unanswered. Can’t they see that the only letter I want to receive is from my big brother Kai? I wouldn’t bother with those letters normally but then Aoba said he wouldn’t see me anymore if I didn’t start replying to those letters! What shall I do!? I can’t take my days anymore without seeing my one true love’s face!

Being popular in the court is such a hassle. I don’t need any of those court ladies. Why should I when I already have my posse, Asagiri and Kohaku? I’d rather be off slaying those non-humanoid demons, that’s so much easier than letter writing.

But what do to? Aoba’s kiss compels me to pick up my slack. Big Brother Kai in Heaven, please wish me luck!

Do not underestimate the power of Aoba's lips


Excerpts from Fuji’s Diary:

Dear Diary,

Dealing with the Emperor is so annoying. He keeps talking about Sakura and Sakura’s future marriage with Aoba as if he knows her. Sakura would never think of the twisted ways love affairs can work, she’s simply too pure for that!

Thinking of Sakura makes me miss her. Perhaps I should consider signing up for a spot in Sakura’s fanclub. Everyone else in the court is doing it.

To join or to not join the Sakura fanclub, that is the question


Excerpt from Kohaku’s Diary:

Dear Diary

Guess what?! Asagiri, the Princess and I finally had our first girl talk about boys when she dragged us out to continue procrastinating on the letters she must write! It’s so nice to be part of the Princess’ inner circle. The Princess even asked me about my feelings for Hayate.

Oh Hayate, Hayate, Hayate. I love him but I can’t be with him even though we clearly reciprocate each other’s feelings! It is my fault that my love is now in the form of a frog, and until I turn him back and get rid of these feelings of guilt, I can’t be with him. I don’t want my love to be tainted by these feelings.

My epic love for Hayate is pure and full of longing

Anyhow, that’s not the interesting part. The really interesting part of today was when Princess was asked about her love. Guess who she named? Kai, her brother! I think Kai must have been a wonderful and gentle person, she had this face full of fondness when she talked about him… First love is so romantic!

It hurt a bit though when Sakura and Aoba decided to go all lovey-dovey right after though, especially since I just told her about Hayate and stuff. But I’ll try not to begrudge her of her happiness. I’m sure she didn’t mean anything by it. Sakura’s too nice of a person.


Excerpt from Enju’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Would Sakura remember me if I send her the poem I composed for her back when I was Kai? I remade that comb with feathers and fruit too.

She will remember. And we will be together again.

I can’t wait to see her.

Family reunion time~



2 Responses to “Sakura Hime Kaden Ch. 10 Recap – A Parody, Diary Style”

  1. 1 Sapphire Pyro December 10, 2009 at 1:36 am

    Your parody entries on this are more entertaining than the actual thing xD

    I only care about the bishies. The story and sakura herself has disappointed me. ugh.

    • 2 wingstodust December 10, 2009 at 1:46 am

      Your parody entries on this are more entertaining than the actual thing xD

      =OO Really? You think so? That’s the nicest compliment someone has given me for these parodies so far! *hugs you* (Though I will admit, Ch. 10 became more interesting for me when I did the recap. Not that it’s hard to increase one’s interest when it started off as mind-numbing boredom…)

      I do like the story though, mostly because it can get so crazy sometimes. Like, did you *see* Chapter 11 and 12?! I was like =OOO LOLWHUT alllllll the way through. And fangirl-ing Enju like nobody’s business. But yeah, I agree about Sakura. I started off liking Sakura at first but she pretty much bores me now, and I could really, really do with less proclamations of love! and admiration! the whole frickin’ cast feels towards her. (This makes it easy for me to parody, but stillllll) Thankfully there’s been less of that since Ch. 10. xD

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