Sakura Hime Kaden Ch. 11 – A Parody

Y HALO THAR! LONG TIME NO…. EXIST! *shot* Huh, I think I should just rename this blog the Sakura Hime Kaden ramblings blog, because it’s like, the only manga I feel like talking about… That, and female sports manga. I’m tinkering with a post on that topic as we speak. Orrrrr I should call this blog I Will Only Update This When I Am Doing Extreme Procrastination During Exam Periods. Lawl.

*COUGHS* ANYHOW, here’s a parody post. Because I love how ridiculous and crazy SHK is. Arina Tanemura, NEVER CHANGE. (Okay, no. I take that back. Handle transexuality and character death better, Tanemura-sensei but that’s for another post.)


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Sakura Hime Kaden Ch. 10 Recap – A Parody, Diary Style

Moar SHK! Why is this recap so short, you ask? Well, to be honest, I mostly found Chapter 10 boring–I can even sum up the whole 40 pages worth for y’all in a couple sentences right now, minus the SEKRIT REVEAL OF SEKRIT at the end (SPOILER SUMMARY IS SPOILERY):

Sakura: Replying to fan letters is so hard! Why must I be so popular? I will procrastinate and drag my posse to the club treehouse to talk about boys! Also, I reveal that I wanted to marry my brother. Incest just went canon, baby.

So yeah, except for the ending sekrit!reveal (which really wasn’t so secret since I bet half the audience guessed this already), this chapter was pretty dull in comparison to some of the other chapters. I was thinking of skipping this recap altogether but my prickly self and the need to do things in chronological order compelled me to finish. I ended up enjoying myself when I finally sat down and worked on this recap though, especially after I nailed down the format in which I should handle this Ch. 10 parody. Diary format was very fun to write in. >D

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Sakura Hime Kaden Chapter 9: A Parody

Wow, er, I just disappeared on y’all, didn’t I? ^^; Sorry about that, I’d make up some excuse but honestly I just wasn’t motivated. None of the new anime interested me (except for Kimi ni Todoke), and I was mostly on a manga slump. As an apology, here be gratuitous Sawako pic:

Now, to the main point of this post: what brings me back to the animanga blogging world?

If you guessed Sakura Hime Kaden, YOU’D BE RIGHT. I’m the most predictable person ever, I know.

I was compelled by the cracktastic developments that followed in the latest chapter so I decided to neglect my many papers and studying for exams to write something for Sakura Hime Kaden. Now, before what I usually did was just post my page/panel reactions to the chapter and have commentaries at the end, but thinking about going through all the pages to do so hurt my brain. So I decided to change things up about and will from henceforth talk about each chapters in parody-style, script-format! W00t~~

And the first up on my list is the last chapter I left off: Chapter 9.

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Top OP/ED Full Version – Summer 2009


Yeah, two posts this week to make up for last week? =D

So, the majority of the full versions for OP/ED of this season has been released. Hence, having heard the full versions, I picked out my favourites!

As I’m assuming everyone who listens to anime music would know, most of the time when we get the full version of the OP/ED, they end up sucking. Either the ones we hear during the Opening or Ending are the best part of the whole song and everything else is boring, or the song itself is just a repetition of those words for the next 4-5 minutes. But sometimes a full version will come along and surprise you, and you end up liking the full version over the tv version. =D Continue reading ‘Top OP/ED Full Version – Summer 2009’

A Collection of Sports Manga Reviews


…I completely missed out on posting last week AND didn’t make it in time for this week’s monday. *hides* My excuse reason this time is actually because I’ve actually been mass-reading manga like a mofo. To be specific, sports manga. *insert shocked gasps here* Yeah, I’m gonna have to update “My Taste in Animanga” Page now… ETA: Updated, take a look

So what’s this post gonna be about? You guessed it, SPORTS MANGA REVIEWS~ =DDD

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Summer Anime 2009 – Mid-Season Impressions


why yes I do realize I keep missing my Monday blogging promise. Maybe I should just make it into “must blog any day within the week” promise? Sigh.

So, we’re about halfway through the summer season. Hence, Mid-Season remarks! Also, new rankings for my favourites of the season. Continue reading ‘Summer Anime 2009 – Mid-Season Impressions’

Just when you think the Avatar!movie news can’t get any worse

Here be slogan from the awesome racebending team:


As some of you may or may not know, the Live-Action Adaptation of Avatar is using a white-washed cast. But you know, racebending is already doing a good job telling the world why this is WRONG WRONG WRONG so go to the link and check it out. What I’m here to post about today is the news that Del Rey is going to make a “manga” out of this live-action adaptation. Here be link

I could post a long rant about why this is the stupidest idea ever, but thankfully wistfuljane has a post about it already so that I don’t have to! Go there and read it now.

Yeah, I’m boycotting this movie. Excuse me while I drop off posters in protest now.

Also? In other relevant news, we have official word from the Avatar!movie staff that They are not going to use Chinese calligraphy at all, replacing it with unreadable symbols. I think this is one of those days where I just hate people and despair at humanity.

(In conclusion, I totally suck at keeping up my blogging promises)

ETA: Pimping out International Blog Against Racism Week Because I can.

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