Hello~ Online alias is wingstodust, and I created this blog for the specific purpose of talking strictly about manga, anime, manhwa, and related media that involves comics/animation, with a focus on shoujo titles or series that stars female leads.

While the focus is on shoujo titles, I do intend for this animanga/manhwa blog to be LGBT-friendly, and also a safe space for people of colour, like myself. Therefore, along with all the shoujo fluff, this blog will also contain posts on ships that aren’t just het, reviews of BL/GL animanga/manhwa, and will look at racial issues if ever presented in any of the animanga/manhwa series I read/watch.*

I also hope to create a friendly interacting environment where everyone can play and have fun. Because animanga/manhwa is one of my many hobbies that I’m really passionate about, and I like to have fun and talk about my favourite series/characters/ships with other fen. =D So yes~ It’s nice to meet you all, etc!! =D


Erm, yeah… Hi, I’m wingstodust! Undergrad student, female, fan(atic), POC (person of colour) and… I guess that’s it? ^^;; Besides animanga stuff, I also like reading (mostly children’s/YA fantasy novels, but I read across ages/genres if the writing compels me enough.), watching movies and asian dramas, and KARAOKE~! <333 I can be a bit rambly over stuff I like, so beware~ Oh, and erm, I suck at graphics. ^^;; So if any of my screenshots come out fugly, you now know why. =/

* I do realize that for some ppl, racial and LGBT issues may be considered ‘harshing your squee’. I can’t say I have great sympathy for this, but for those who find such things uncomfortable, I’m afraid I can’t do anything but show those who feel this way “the door”. There are plenty of spaces in the anime fandom where such things will not be discussed. Go and play there instead. I promise there won’t be hard feelings. =D


3 Responses to “About the Blog and I”

  1. 1 mangafanatic October 21, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    hi wingstodust,
    which manga or mahwa is your header?
    oh and btw i’m new ^_^ could we exchange our links?

    Mangafanatic >_<

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