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Three Reasons Why I’m Loving Ga-Rei – Tsuina no Shou


(See? I’m keeping my blogging on Monday Promise)

Ga-Rei is one of those weird series where I love all the spinoffs but cannot stand the main series the world of Ga-Rei is based on. This is mostly because I find Kensuke extremely annoying. That, and I shipped Yomi/Kagura like a madwoman in Ga-Rei Zero, and Kensuke/Kagura pisses me off. Don’t mess with my ship, yo. D<

But we’re not here to talk about Ga-Rei, or even Ga-Rei Zero (which was epic and awesome and so much love). We’re here to talk about the relatively newly released 1st chapter scanlation of Ga-Rei – Tsuina no Shou! =D Continue reading ‘Three Reasons Why I’m Loving Ga-Rei – Tsuina no Shou’


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