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Top OP/ED Full Version – Summer 2009


Yeah, two posts this week to make up for last week? =D

So, the majority of the full versions for OP/ED of this season has been released. Hence, having heard the full versions, I picked out my favourites!

As I’m assuming everyone who listens to anime music would know, most of the time when we get the full version of the OP/ED, they end up sucking. Either the ones we hear during the Opening or Ending are the best part of the whole song and everything else is boring, or the song itself is just a repetition of those words for the next 4-5 minutes. But sometimes a full version will come along and surprise you, and you end up liking the full version over the tv version. =D Continue reading ‘Top OP/ED Full Version – Summer 2009’


Top 3 OP/ED of Summer Anime 2009


I said I’d post every Monday, and just because I posted yesterday doesn’t mean I will back out on this promise no matter how tempting it was to do so. ETA: hmm, the blog thinks its tuesday, but MY clock says 11:06 PM, so this still counts as monday, y/y!? =D

As a bit of a disclaimer, I’m not going to count Bakemonogatari in this because they seem to be doing the whole New OP Every Episode thing, and I’m already incredibly biased towards that series as it is. ‘sides, I figure it’d be more fun to do an examination of the OPs in that series when it has finished airing, lulz. =D

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Summer Anime 2009 – Watchlist & First Impressions


You know, I don’t know why people are complaining about this Summer having a lot of “crappy” anime. I mean, this wasn’t any worse or better than the last 2 seasons. In fact, there’s actually MORE shows that I’m interested in watching this season than before. It’s been a long time since I felt inclined to follow on a weekly basis more than 2 series in one season.

Then again, this season is full of female-centric anime, and y’all should know that I love my girls, lulz.

Okay, so this post is gonna be divided into three major categories: 1) Definitely Following 2) Checking Out and 3) DROPPED for it makes my eyes bleed

Warning: I’m not particularly nice when it comes to anime shows I don’t like. ^^;

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