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Sakurahime Kaden – Ch. 8 Recap Impressions


Wow, I barely lasted two weeks before I broke my Monday blogging promise. *dies* I tried to write up something, I really did… I just, wasn’t really feeling inspired? =/ I’ll try to keep my promise for next monday though. =D

I love how Sakura Hime Kaden always manages to get me to blog here again, even if I loathe this chapter. Seriously WTF. The only saving grace was Enju, and 1 panel of him being hot doesn’t make up for 40 PAGES OF FAIL. (it’s like Ch. 5 over again, but WORSE, SO MUCH WORSE)

But anyhow, let’s talk about the cover. I actually like it a lot, anger issues over this chapter in its entirety put aside. Their sibling-like resemblance emphasized through colour scheme! Yeah, I’m still sticking to that theory. =D

Warning: Spoilers for the whole chapter. Also, the few pics I uploaded are all in full size so depending on your connection they might take a while to load.

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Top 3 OP/ED of Summer Anime 2009


I said I’d post every Monday, and just because I posted yesterday doesn’t mean I will back out on this promise no matter how tempting it was to do so. ETA: hmm, the blog thinks its tuesday, but MY clock says 11:06 PM, so this still counts as monday, y/y!? =D

As a bit of a disclaimer, I’m not going to count Bakemonogatari in this because they seem to be doing the whole New OP Every Episode thing, and I’m already incredibly biased towards that series as it is. ‘sides, I figure it’d be more fun to do an examination of the OPs in that series when it has finished airing, lulz. =D

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Summer Anime 2009 – Watchlist & First Impressions


You know, I don’t know why people are complaining about this Summer having a lot of “crappy” anime. I mean, this wasn’t any worse or better than the last 2 seasons. In fact, there’s actually MORE shows that I’m interested in watching this season than before. It’s been a long time since I felt inclined to follow on a weekly basis more than 2 series in one season.

Then again, this season is full of female-centric anime, and y’all should know that I love my girls, lulz.

Okay, so this post is gonna be divided into three major categories: 1) Definitely Following 2) Checking Out and 3) DROPPED for it makes my eyes bleed

Warning: I’m not particularly nice when it comes to anime shows I don’t like. ^^;

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Three Reasons Why I’m Loving Ga-Rei – Tsuina no Shou


(See? I’m keeping my blogging on Monday Promise)

Ga-Rei is one of those weird series where I love all the spinoffs but cannot stand the main series the world of Ga-Rei is based on. This is mostly because I find Kensuke extremely annoying. That, and I shipped Yomi/Kagura like a madwoman in Ga-Rei Zero, and Kensuke/Kagura pisses me off. Don’t mess with my ship, yo. D<

But we’re not here to talk about Ga-Rei, or even Ga-Rei Zero (which was epic and awesome and so much love). We’re here to talk about the relatively newly released 1st chapter scanlation of Ga-Rei – Tsuina no Shou! =D Continue reading ‘Three Reasons Why I’m Loving Ga-Rei – Tsuina no Shou’

*hides* Wow, it’s been a while. Trust me, I didn’t abandon this blog. It’s just, one of my book reading challenges was catching up to me (have to finish 31 more books by POC before August… shit.) so I’ve been reading whenever I wasn’t hanging outdoors with my peeps, and then I finally got myself a job and THAT sucked up all my time soooo yeah.

I was thinking of ways to motivate myself to blog here on a regular basis, and wasted a while plotting out this whole monthly schedule before I was like “SCREW THIS. Let’s just make it “Must blog every Monday” thing and get this over with”

So yes, a promise to y’all – I will blog here every Monday. If I miss a monday feel free to bring on the hate mail, or whatever. =D

And also, a list of things I will for sure blog about, aside from Sakura hime kaden, obviously. But before I get to the list, I will say this now: I read the 2nd chapter of Watashi ni xx Shinasai! and while I liked it, and am looking forward to the next chapter, I don’t really have anything to say about it that would warrant a proper recap post.

Behold, the list, in no particular order:

  • MOMO (Reviews of the 2 volumes)
  • Ga-Rei: Tsuina no Shou (Impression Post on First Chapter)
  • Ai no Shintairiku (Review)
  • Don’t Touch me (Vol Review)
  • H2O (Vol Review)
  • Boys Next Door (Review)
  • Dear Green (Review)
  • Camelot Garden (Review)
  • ARISA (Rec Post)
  • Aoi Hana (Ep Recap)
  • Natsume Yuujinchou (Rec Post and/or Natsume Character Study)
  • Hotarubi no Mori E (first 2 one-shots of anthology review)

Also, will blog about the Pixar movie Up once I watch it in 3-D. As I don’t know when I’ll get around to doing that I didn’t want to promise or guarantee anything. But yeah, LOVE that movie.

And I also read the novel version of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Homg, so good. I actually never watched the anime before having read this, but damn, it was brilliant. Unfortunately, I watched the anime right after and it seriously didn’t measure up to the epicness that was the novel… =/ *is shot by fans* I think I’ll just stick to reading the novels, eheh. ^^;

Now, if you’ll excuse me… *goes off to speed read another novel*

Shipwrecked!/Tamra, the Island – Vol. 1 Review


lol I’m finally getting around to my first manhwa post! It’ll be the first of many to come *crosses fingers* I was wondering which one to start off with, since there are quite a few titles I liked, but I decided to start off with Shipwrecked! even though there aren’t many scanlated chapters out for it yet, because it has comedy and beautiful art, and it pokes fun at the “Orientalists” of the past, during colonial times, which I’m sure many animanga fans can relate to. ^.~

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Sakurahime Kaden – Ch. 7 Recap Impressions


I totally meant to do my review of this manhwa series, but clearly SHK ate my brain. I’ll do my manhwa post either tomorrow or the day after then. ^^;

So, the cover. Gorgeous, ain’t it? I absolutely love the roses and the rich colours in this cover. Actually, the giant black bow on Sakura’s bust line reminded me of the hanbok style, and a bit of those modern remakes of the hanbok where they enlarge and emphasize the bow more than in the traditional hanbok style. Er, just saying what came to mind when I first saw it, this is not meant to conflate two different cultures and fashion practices.  ^^; Don’t meant to offend or anything. *dies* And um, because of eksentrick, I will now no longer be able to unsee the noodle-like qualities of Sakura’s hair… She said it first, not me!

I figured this almost goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyhow just to be safe. Recap is spoilery for the whole chapter, and because it’s  an impressions post, it really doesn’t make sense if you haven’t actually read the chapter. The raws and translations are out atm though. =D

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