Summer Anime 2009 – Mid-Season Impressions


why yes I do realize I keep missing my Monday blogging promise. Maybe I should just make it into “must blog any day within the week” promise? Sigh.

So, we’re about halfway through the summer season. Hence, Mid-Season remarks! Also, new rankings for my favourites of the season.

1) Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – No one can be more shocked than me that this is my favourite show of the season. Seriously, I mean, I liked the first episode and all but nothing in it hinted at the spectacular performance this anime was gonna have once the earthquake hit. The moments in this show were endearing and heartbreaking at the same time. From episode 2 onwards, there was always a moment where my heart clenched and I’d go “oh” and feel my throat dry up. Like, that part where the two siblings lost each other in the crowd and there was the little boy calling out for his sister desperately, his cries echoing in the silence? My heart was in pieces. And that’s just one singular example of all the moments that happened so far. I can’t believe it’s only been 4 eps! I am also ridiculously fond of Mirai. She is such a brat: sullen and doesn’t trust easily and trying desperately cling onto an air of “grown-up” dignity to not pass for “a kid”. I tend to like my child stars spoiled (Rilla from Anne series, Mary and Colin from Secret Garden) and I empathize with that unique selfishness inherent when one’s a child. I’m with her, and I hope to see her grow more and more as the series progresses to the finale. I’m rooting for the three of them to get home safely. =D

2) Taishou Yukyuu Musume – …The world is gonna end. Not only am I actually watching a sports show, I’m actually ranking it as my top 2 favourite of the season. If I must be unbiased about it, I know in my head that Aoi Hana is actually better than this anime, but I’ll admit, I’m way more excited about catching an episode of TYM than AH. TYM is just cute, and makes me smile, and fuels my blood with the thoughts of “TAKE THOSE BOYS DOWN.” Yeah, I’m cheering from feminist lenses, I know. =D It’s pretty predictable, but there’s something seriously endearing about the whole cast. So yeah, um, I guess I can stop ignoring all the people screaming at me to JUST WATCH OOFURI ALREADY, since I can no longer use my distaste of sports stories as a shield anymore. Only if I still like this show all the way to the end though. Mind, I’m only gonna try sports shows that either have 1) baseball 2) a setting in the past or 3) an all-girls team. I haven’t sunken all the way yet, pplz. =D So plz don’t try to convince me to read Eyeshield whatever, all the shounen jump fans I know. It ain’t gonna work.

3) Bakemonogatari and Aoi Hana – Yeah, I’m tying them. I love both these shows to bits, and I couldn’t choose between them. They’re very different shows, but in my head, they kinda balance each other out. For me, Bakemonogatari is all style and the substance didn’t quite adapt fully onto the screen. The animation is still jaw-dropping, but somehow the story comes up short. I think it may be because Nisio Isin has all these puns on words that didn’t translate (for me, anyhow) on anime tv screen. So yeah, I don’t jump all over the latest sub releases when it comes out, since I’m not all that excited about the direction of the plot. But WHO CARES?! Senjogahara is my goddess. <333 Senjogahara x Araragi ALL THE WAY, YO. It can just have them talking and bantering all day long and I would watch it to the very end. Now, whereas for Aoi Hana, the story is very simple but sensitively told, but its understated storyline and steady pace makes it so that I’m not gonna drop everything once I notice the subs are up for the latest episode. But still, I do love the story and the cast, and watching the anime got me to start following the manga as well, lol. Also, Fumi-chan/Aa-chan ALL THE WAY. <3333

4) Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou – I can’t believe I’m still watching this. The fanservice HURTS MY BRAIN. But the Ep 00 made me all attached to the cast and I do like the concept of programming = modern magic, so I’m still sticking around. However, I AM NOT PLEASED. *mumbles* if this were the school year, I would have just dropped it. a;dlkfa;lj ARGH.

So, y’all~ Did your watchlist change by this mid-season? Any anime shows that surprised you? =D

I think when the summer anime ends, I’m gonna do a write up of each of these 5 anime series on the role and portrayals of women. Of course, ideally, I’d be doing this for all the summer anime, that way we can have a compare and contrast chart or w/e, but since I’m not watching the rest and I will not suffer through hundreds of episodes of shows I don’t even like just to do so, the writeups will have to do. assuming I actually do this, of course.


4 Responses to “Summer Anime 2009 – Mid-Season Impressions”

  1. 1 Sapphire Pyro August 8, 2009 at 2:20 pm

    *got lazy to log-in to WP*

    I haven’t seen the first 2 so no comment. . .


    Ah, you know my thoughts on Aoi Hana >_>

    On the magical series, is there a hetero couple on it? I ship a certain pair there . . . but I’ve only seen episode 0. wahehehe xD

    • 2 wingstodust August 8, 2009 at 10:35 pm

      =O not even TOKYO MAGNITUDE 8.0!?!?!?! =OOO


      lol don’t want more than ep 0, unless you think you can suffer through the fanservice. Was there a het couple in that ep? There’s no canon couples as far as I can tell, just FANSERVICE FANSERVICE and maybe plot on one or two episodes if they remember. ToT

      • 3 Sapphire Pyro August 9, 2009 at 12:57 am

        Surprising isn’t it? x_x I had been really looking forward to it. I’ll marathon it until the latest episode next weekend. Ehehe.

        I’m not sure if they’ll ever be a het couple, I just think they’re fun to ship. I don’t remember the names, but it’s the guy with the sister and the magician girl with light hair (the one that always destroys stuff)

        I’m no longer sure if I’ll ever bother to continue it. The leading girl was too much of a headache =_=

  2. 4 wingstodust August 9, 2009 at 1:02 am


    lol tell me what you think of it then~

    OH I know who you’re talking about! Sadly the guy seems to disappear 90% of the time, or if he’s there, he just keeps protesting about how there’s no magic, blah blah blah. And the girl is exploited for fanservice THE MOST.

    Oh gawd, I know what you mean. i liked the leading girl okay in ep 0, but when the actual series hit I found that I COULD NOT HANDLE HER VOICE AND HOW SHE KEEPS TRIPPING OVER NOTHING ARGH. I swear, only the summer heat is making me watch that show. I keep waiting for it to prove me wrong and turn out to be a good show after all.

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