Top 3 OP/ED of Summer Anime 2009


I said I’d post every Monday, and just because I posted yesterday doesn’t mean I will back out on this promise no matter how tempting it was to do so. ETA: hmm, the blog thinks its tuesday, but MY clock says 11:06 PM, so this still counts as monday, y/y!? =D

As a bit of a disclaimer, I’m not going to count Bakemonogatari in this because they seem to be doing the whole New OP Every Episode thing, and I’m already incredibly biased towards that series as it is. ‘sides, I figure it’d be more fun to do an examination of the OPs in that series when it has finished airing, lulz. =D


3) Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

Never let it be said that I can’t make the effort to be unbiased when I attempt to rate my OP/EDs. =D Even if I didn’t like the anime at all, I will admit that I love, love the OP. In fact, if we were going by the music alone, this would undoubtably be my favourite OP song of the season. It has random lyrics from another language! It is ~*dramatic*~. There are these beautiful moments where the girl is seeing these long lyrics with strong vocals and then BAM BAM accentuated words with only hard beats to back it up and homg, my heart. <33 Unfortunately the animation of this OP isn’t particularly inspiring, with just a simple showcase of all the cast. However, the animation went extremely well with the beat of the song, I especially liked the part where the song was just hitting up with hard beats and the appearance of each of the cast’s face synchronized perfectly with every beat it hits. And the shaky background at some of the most random times. And, there were golden butterflies. And and and, the end, where the girl’s voice was reaching towards the climax and then Battler pointing out in accusation and Beatrice smirking just SHIFT and all you hear is the other European language (I keep thinking it’s Italian?) sung by the chorus, demanding on how harsh their punishment will be. Lovely moment, and for that it gets 3rd place. =D

2) Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi S2

homg this is such a HAPPY OP!! It just makes me want to sing and dance with it. And this ups Umineko because it did a far better job at synchronizing the animation with the song beats. In the Umineko OP, there would be just a couple moments where they get it perfect. But Haruhi’s OP? Is hitting each beat EVERY TIME. Like, seriously, the “I say, I say, My heaven” part? PERFECTION. OPs rarely have the animation match the music so perfectly, but this is just pure gold. And it captures the spirit of Haruhi PERFECTLY. The whole OP sequence just felt like a typical Haruhi start-of-the-day would be like, and the animation is so crazy and spotless on the wacky designs. And I was definitely smiling like a fool when we got to the bit where everyone is putting up their hands and shaking their head. So cute and perfect. <33

1) Aoi Hana

And then, sometimes, less is more. While Haruhi’s OP made me smile, this OP made my heart clench and fall in love. Seriously, it’s so deceptively simple, it took me by surprise, by how perfect it was. Just like the Haruhi OP, the animation synchronized with the music to a complete T (I really liked the synchronization with the bit on how the lyrics are “Sorry… I couldn’t tell you about the past” where the two hands just reach out slowly, and then spin out to reveal their sleeping form) . The music really captured the atmosphere of the whole series too. The piece was a slow piano, and a low female vocals carrying the song through. But not only does it have great music and perfect animation to go with it, but it also had a thing that Haruhi’s OP lacked and Umineko’s OP had: the ~*moments*~. The moments where the animation and the lyrics and the music all come together and deliver a MOMENT that will just knock your socks off. And in this OP, it’s the part where a hand with the flowers lifts and lets them fall like snow on Fumi’s face, with the song lyrics telling us it will become a flower bouquet. Just, I thought my heart skipped a beat. It was so PERFECT, such a beautiful moment thatf I won’t forget for a long while.


3) Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

There is no doubt that between the EDs and the OPs, the OPs of this season were of a far greater quality than the ED counterparts. (Like, Umineko’s ED? Was a pale shadow, a cheap copy of all the Good Parts of the OP. Bah) It’s like, because the ED is at the end, they don’t try as hard to make the ED music or animation catchy to draw the attention of the viewer. But anyhow, grumblings aside, there have been a couple EDs that were decent. Like Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, for example. Very nice concept with the grayed out background and the sharp clarity of the three-dimensional background of the photograph, with the flatness of the 2D cast. A 3-layered concept that worked surprisingly well. And the song was very summer-like and kind of reminds me of YUI, which is a good thing. Now, all the ED needed was to synchronize its good music with the animation and we would be all set, but unfortunately the creators decided to not go that extra mile, so what we got is what we got, I guess. =X

2) Spice and Wolf II

Wee, animation that matched the beat of the music. It’s always hard to do this when the song is slow, but it worked, and they even matched it with bits of the lyrics in a pretty clever and cute way as well. (Hint: the pick me up part) I like the whole art concept. It was clear that whoever was in charge of the ED wasn’t just slapping visuals together with slow music in the background to pass it of as an ED. Everything about the art was meticulous, with the white background and the frames showing the cast. I loved how the guy was always at the left and the wolf-girl was always at the right, each time you saw them. Consistency in my animation! Now, how rare is that? lulz, the only thing that makes me take away a point is that the music is a bit too dull sounding, even for an ED. =/ But who knows, maybe for some people this is EXACTLY their kind of music, so maybe this ED will seem like a boon from heaven. But that aside, very strong ED, in terms of animation and art concept and synchronization.

1) Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

homg, this was like, the only ED that had awesome concept art and animation, good music, and perfect synchronization to the song beats. There’s even art sequence that had a beginning, middle, and end! If I watched this ED first during this season, I would have actually started to expect like, more quality out of everyone else. Which, I guess, is a good thing I didn’t, since I would have seriously been disappointed.

lol, so now that I picked out my top 3 favourites, what are your favourites? Bring it on~


2 Responses to “Top 3 OP/ED of Summer Anime 2009”

  1. 1 Sapphire Pyro July 18, 2009 at 2:45 pm

    Nice choices~ Aoi Hana’s OP and other OP’s like it bored me though x_x but I admit they were nice . . . but still . . .

    • 2 wingstodust July 19, 2009 at 1:07 pm

      lol, like the slow music part, or the simplistic style of it or just in general? I dunno, these are kind of my favourite types of OP/EDs, as you can see from me picking Aoi Hana’s OP and Spice & Wolf II’s ED, where everything is simple and yet so moving. Real bonus if the music synchronized with the animation, ’cause that doesn’t usually happen when they give you a slow song. =/

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