Three Reasons Why I’m Loving Ga-Rei – Tsuina no Shou


(See? I’m keeping my blogging on Monday Promise)

Ga-Rei is one of those weird series where I love all the spinoffs but cannot stand the main series the world of Ga-Rei is based on. This is mostly because I find Kensuke extremely annoying. That, and I shipped Yomi/Kagura like a madwoman in Ga-Rei Zero, and Kensuke/Kagura pisses me off. Don’t mess with my ship, yo. D<

But we’re not here to talk about Ga-Rei, or even Ga-Rei Zero (which was epic and awesome and so much love). We’re here to talk about the relatively newly released 1st chapter scanlation of Ga-Rei – Tsuina no Shou! =D

Thinking about it, there isn’t anything particularly impressive if you look at the premise. Girl who can see spirits falls for the hot class president, only to find out that he’s part of the whole spiritual exorcism world and gets sucked into adventures. Pretty typical, I know. But there are some things about this series that made me stick around. Also, a sidenote: this may be the first new shounen series that I managed to read the entirety of one chapter this year, so I’m sure it means something.

First of all, Izuna


I loved this dude from the moment I saw him in GRZ. =D He’s a flirt, commands pipe foxes, and is hot. Oh! And he stalked Tsuina from rooftops. >D What’s there not to love? And to see more of him in this series is awesome. =D

Secondly, the Tsuina/Mikado pairing


Homg, I love this. Especially by the end when Mikado was gonna sacrifice Tsuina in order to save the human world. What can I say? I love my messed up ships. Plus they’re interesting together. Mikado is mostly aloof and distant while Tsuina is a bit of a spaz and that combination of cool guy/crazy girl always appealed to me (Chiaki/Nodame, anyone? =D) Also, I’d like to see Tsuina’s lil problem of how she sucks out the energy of those around her when she thinks about love will come into play in the later chapters. (My theory is that when Tsuina is feeling a strong emotion, her powers manifest. But we’ll see. =D)

Finally, the Ga-Rei worldbuilding!!!!


This element applies to all the Ga-Rei stories, but it deserves repeating. The supernatural is just so vibrant and through in all of the Ga-Rei incarnations. It’s not wishwashy worldbuilding that is found often in manga, where the mangaka just makes up crap along the way. *coughsNarutocoughs* Just like, gah. READ IT. I mean, it has FLOATING SPIRIT EATING SHARKS. *points at pic* You know you want it~

Of course, this isn’t all perfect. I won’t deny that the premise isn’t exactly ground-breaking and there are also very useless panty shots and bra shots that litter the shounen manga scene, but considering how much enjoyment I got out of reading this, I’m not going to complain. I recommend this to all, and I hope the later chapters keep up its entertainment value.

(btw, for anyone who was interested, I was originally planning on posting about Aoi Hana, but I found that I couldn’t make a long enough post about it, so I’m just gonna do general summer anime impressions at my Dreamwidth blog… sometime soon. ^^;  But in short, the new anime series I liked so far are in the following order: 1) Aoi Hana, 2) Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou and 3) Taishou Yukyuu Musume.)


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  1. 1 love freedom January 17, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    is there anywhere that this can be found? anywhere that can give me more than the first chap?

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