Sakurahime Kaden – Ch. 7 Recap Impressions


I totally meant to do my review of this manhwa series, but clearly SHK ate my brain. I’ll do my manhwa post either tomorrow or the day after then. ^^;

So, the cover. Gorgeous, ain’t it? I absolutely love the roses and the rich colours in this cover. Actually, the giant black bow on Sakura’s bust line reminded me of the hanbok style, and a bit of those modern remakes of the hanbok where they enlarge and emphasize the bow more than in the traditional hanbok style. Er, just saying what came to mind when I first saw it, this is not meant to conflate two different cultures and fashion practices.  ^^; Don’t meant to offend or anything. *dies* And um, because of eksentrick, I will now no longer be able to unsee the noodle-like qualities of Sakura’s hair… She said it first, not me!

I figured this almost goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyhow just to be safe. Recap is spoilery for the whole chapter, and because it’s  an impressions post, it really doesn’t make sense if you haven’t actually read the chapter. The raws and translations are out atm though. =D


Pg. 2 – … BWUAHAH. I know I shouldn’t laugh at this page, since it’s a very serious moment of Oumi’s contemplation over being conflicted on what she should do, but I swear, with the sakura petals and the place where Enju is situated, and Oumi blushing a whole lot more than she should be, it totally looks like a typical page layout of other shoujo series where the girl is worrying and fussing over her crush. Not saying that I support Oumi/Enju, ’cause I don’t. If Oumi/Enju happens, that’d be messed up for all the wrong reasons… Oumi/Asagiri FTW!

Pg. 3 – It’s interesting how Oumi always has to rationalize Sakura-as-a-demon in her mind… It’s probably in conflict of what she thinks of her as a princess, y/n?

Pg. 4 – Oumi is totally rationalizing through her fear, isn’t she? As expecting, but a little disappointing.


Pg. 5 – HEHEHE Sakura is embarassed~


Pg. 7 – o.o Sakura is way too trusting. But she looks way too cute, being all happy about Oumi… *squishes* And er, that stalker crystal ball thing is so creeper-ish. X.x

Pg. 8 – Hayate totally has a crush on Aoba. I mean, the embarrassed face look right before running away! It’s so classic. Hehehe.


Pg. 9 – lol Kohaku doesn’t even have to try to rile Aoba up! Too cute. Aoba’s so sweet on Sakura and he doesn’t even know it.


Pg. 10 – I love Fujimurasaki/Aoba. It’s totally my slash ship for this series.


Pg. 11 – This page should have totally been done in colour. It would have been so pretty~

Pg. 12 – LOL Sakura found her horsetails. Too cute~ And, homg, Oumi backstory, I CAN HAZ!? (Is this like, reverse Cinderella? From riches to rags… Noble to maid.)

Pg. 13 – It was totally obvious that there was demon killing involved in Oumi’s family history. Though I totally didn’t guess the noble bit.

Pg. 15 – Sakura is totally not handling this new information about Oumi very well. =/

Pg. 16 – … Wait, so her uncle, that councillor dude took her in after the demon attack that looks ever so conveniently like a serpent, and now we see councillor dude talking with snakes… HOMG HER UNCLE SICCED THE DEMON ON HER FAMILY!? That’d be so messed up if that were true. And if it were true, I’d like to know why.

Pg. 17 – HAHA, I love Sakura’s solution to problems. “Now that we know what is upsetting you, LET’S GO KILL IT SO IT CAN NEVER MAKE YOU CRY AGAIN.” It’s interesting how she’d rather kill the demon than listen to uncomfortable soul pouring, tears inducing, backstory revealing moments, y/n?

Pg. 20 – homg she’s totally gonna confess. You can’t spout these trust lines if you aren’t just about to sacrifice yourself.


Pg. 21 – I’m kinda glad Oumi told. This was totally a moment of catharsis for her, to stop being afraid of demon affairs and step forward… That takes a kind of courage. Now, just hoping that her life will be spared. If she dies in this chapter I will be SO PISSED. ><”


Pg. 22 – er, is that… Oumi’s skin cracking?! O.o

Pg. 23 – ugh, she can’t die! Not after I got this beautiful OumixAsagiri apology moment!

Pg. 25 – *blinks* She turned into a demon. HUMANS CAN TURN INTO DEMONS!? Homg, I need more demon mythology explanation things RIGHT NOW. (So, if humans can turn into demons, can demons turn into humans?! Argh, explanations, Arina Tanemura. EXPLAIN THIS NAO~)

Pg. 31 – YES BRING OUMI BACK NAO. RETURN HER TO HUMAN FORM. Or make it so that she still has control over her mind and actions when she is in demon form. And I’m tired of this demons are all evil crap (unless they look humanoid). I want this demon stuff explained and told out more properly. I don’t want this ‘they are all evil and we must slaughter them all’ bullshit. That’s just boring.

Pg. 32 – *CRIES* NO OUMI~~~!!! ToT I don’t care what Aoba says there must be another way that he doesn’t know of.



Pg. 35-36 – They’re totally related. Say they’re related.


Pg. 39 – haha, Enju is such an asshole. Though I wonder what he means by she couldn’t come to terms of her destructive impulses?! (Does this mean Oumi was still able to think in demon form!?)

Pg. 40 – lol she’s totally ready to sucker punch his ass.

Concluding Thoughts:

Oumi isn’t dead. Oumi is so not dead. I will be in denial about this for as long as it takes for Arina Tanemura to bring her back. I mean, it’s just NOT FAIR. Tanemura-sensei used Oumi so many times to create angst for Sakura, and now that she has done her deed, she just DIES?! No, I want her back. If she stays dead then Oumi just remains a plot device and it’s not fair. I hate it when characters get treated like that. Just, ugh.

Besides, I kinda wanna know if her uncle had anything to do with the death of her family so she can’t just die! And I want moar Asagiri/Oumi bonding moments! Wahhhh… ToT

I’m trusting Arina Tanemura to bring her back. Will now go wallow in denial now.

(Also, Enju? Is seriously hot. A total asshole, but hawt. Just thought I’d mention it.)

Scanned by Chiibi. I lay no claim on these images whatsoever.


10 Responses to “Sakurahime Kaden – Ch. 7 Recap Impressions”

  1. 1 Chiibi June 9, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    Nee…I’m confused…why are people calling him Enju? Mina is too….but we haven’t been given his name yet. XD;

    • 2 wingstodust June 9, 2009 at 9:40 pm

      lol really? Hmm, I believe Aerandria Scans used the word Enju to refer to him at his first appearance when councillor dude first walked over to meet him by the cliff. So yeah. ^^;

      • 3 Chiibi June 10, 2009 at 4:49 am

        Oh yeahhh you’re right. XD I should read my raws more carefully!! >_<

        hmmm my dictionary says his name means "Japanese pagoda tree" LOL. XD

      • 4 wingstodust June 10, 2009 at 12:23 pm


        LOL. “Japanese pagoda tree”, eh? Interesting~

        !! Tree theme! Pagoda tree and Cherry Blossoms! IT’S TOTALLY A SIGN I TELL YOU! *.*

  2. 5 Sapphire Pyro June 10, 2009 at 1:42 am

    yes, cover is pretty, but it’s Sakura, so I . . . T_T

    LOLz to the same slash ship xD Bwahahahaha! Blame Aoba for being so lovable that it’s fun to ship him with people xD Wahehe

    Oumi . . . whoaaaaa!!!! O_O mangaka, explain! and don’t kill her ;_;

    ENJU LOOKS GORGEOUS!!! They look alike! I beg them to be related *_*

    but hhhmm . . . I’m slightly disappointed that there isn’t enough Aoba . . . Aoba not in AT LEAST 70% of the major events isn’t enough for me. LOLz xD

  3. 10 betülcan September 24, 2009 at 12:58 pm

    arına tanemura çok güzelsin 🙂 sizin seviyorum

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