Sakurahime Kaden – Ch. 6 Recap Impressions


I’m finally up to speed with the latest recap w00t~

It’s been a couple chapters since we had a splash cover page. And it’s gorgeous~ Transformed!Sakura has always looked more mature, but this time she’s got this very sexy vixen look. And I totally dig it. lol, btw I’ve never actually noticed the thing on Sakura’s left sleeve until now. But it’s pretty. And Aoba! He looks great too. Has that whole solemn brooding looking going on and the purple outfit really matches those green birds flocking his way. =D My favourite cover so far. =D

Pg. 3 – lol never underestimate the wrath of old ladies.

Pg. 5 – hehe, Sakura totally interrupted when Byakuya started mentioning Aoba and fight in the same sentence. I’m going to take this as a sign of their ~*bond of lurve*~ with each other, and ignore all the murmurs of me being delusional about this.

Pg. 7 – *mumblesmumbles* I’m so sick of the old women who know everything troupe. I hope she has like, a fatal weakness to her all knowing ways or something to make up for this.


Pg. 8 – hehe, Aoba with a height complex. TOO CUTE~!! ❤

Pg. 9 – *blinks* Why do I have the distinct feeling that Fujimurasaki said the whole taking away Sakura thing just to provoke him? I mean, I don’t think he did it for malicious reasons, but it’s almost like Fujimurasaki is testing his reaction, to see how much he cares, y/n?

Pg. 10 – Ah, I think Fujimurasaki said it to scold Aoba. Interesting. =D AND FUJIMURASAKI SAID HE DOESN’T LOVE HER. Words cannot describe how relieved I am. Seriously, the whole traditional love triangle formula should just die, I’m so sick of it. So yeah, am glad that danger was just a mirage. Strangely enough, I’m warming up to Fujimurasaki now. *shifts eyes* I mean, he randomly makes poetry out of thin air and there’s something a little flamboyant about him and I love how he can provoke Aoba with such ease. It’s cute. I guess what I’m trying to say was that I never exactly hated him, I just hated the role I thought he represented in the whole love triangle formula. ^^;


Pg. 15 – *blinks* I shouldn’t start slashing two guys from like, a picture alone, but COME ON LOOK AT THAT!! just ignore the text and look at their soulful eye-gazing of LOVE!! (lol I am still gonna be true to AobaxSakura, but FujimurasakixAoba holds very interesting possibilities, y/n? I didn’t really see it before when I first heard of this ship at Aerandria Scans, but now? I totally get it. <3)

Pg. 17 – So… Sakura, because she never ages and never dies, endure pain a thousand times greater than others?! Er, I dunno which I’d choose, personally…  Perhaps pain, even if I’m a wuss. Immortality has always had its amazing appeal for me. =D That being said, how did Sakura age before? Does she like, attain a certain age, the height of her youth, and just stays that way forever? =/


Pg. 19 – Aoba’s face~ All conflicted for Sakura~ <333

Pg. 20-21 – HE LET HER BITE HIM HOMG. (Clearly this means there should be AU!vampire fic, y/n?!?!?!?)

Pg. 23-24 – WAH THEY’RE SLEEPING TOGETHER!! <333 I love this, I mean, I like the shots where they’re having their cat and dog moments and then those angst moments where they glare passionately at each other and say awful things to one another, but these sweet moments of tenderness are nice too. Plus? Sakura thinking it’s all a dream is SO CUTE.


Pg. 25-27 – What WHAT?!?! DID-DID SHE JUST SAY – !?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA SAKURA YOU CRAZY GIRL I LOVE YOU. CLEARLY DECLARATIONS TO KILL IS ACTUALLY A PROCLAMATION OF LOVE. HAHAHAHAH. (So, so, if I’m remembering this properly, this means she fell in love with him when he shot her?!?!? This is too good. I don’t even have words. I love this crazy ship and their psychotic attachment and love/hate thing they have going on, and I can’t believe Arina Tanemura actually made it so I love this ship even more than I already do.), Arina Tanemura, I have to learn to stop doubting you and your crack ways. And wow, what’s this? A brother complex too?! This is too, too good. I’m too happy for words. (That being said, the backview of her brother doesn’t look much like Enju. So I guess that doesn’t make him her brother then?)


Pg. 28 – I love this page. I love this couple. I don’t even have words to describe, just, <3333333333.


Pg. 30 – wah Aoba looks so sad. *hugs*

Pg. 31 – lol so my theory on Aoba is dead, but hey, I like Arina Tanemura’s interpretation better. I LOVE CONFLICTED FEELINGS IN MY SHIP HEHEHEHEHEHEHE.


Pg. 32 – woah old lady is cold~ And, oh, Aoba. *hugs him x10000*


Pg. 33-35 – Wow, I love this passage. It’s so tragic, a sad, helpless kind of fate, and at the end of it, there was this gamble for a tiny spark of hope, and that’s Aoba. I love these life letters, so much. ❤ Oh, and btw? This is totally a sign that Byakuya ships Aoba/Sakura, kukuku. And hey, Sakura herself was the one who said she knew everything. DO NOT MESS WITH OLD LADIES WHO KNOW ALL AND THEIR SHIPS. XDDD

Pg. 37 – Argh I really wanna know why Oumi said ‘but’. I just know there’s more to her CAN I HAVE OUMI BACKSTORY ALREADY!?!?!?

Pg. 38 – Actually I can’t believe the councillor didn’t get found out before. Because that councillor? Is not stealth.


Pg. 39-40 – =O why does Enju know Oumi’s name? Also, my secret theory is that Enju lets that stupid councillor do his thing with the snakes because he’s so unstealthy about it that there’s bound to be a nice trickle of maids who constantly walk in on councillor/snake bonding time to make out with. You know it makes sense. ^.~

Pg. 41 – I want Enju to be Sakura’s brother, but I can’t ignore the fact that he really doesn’t look like her brother at all and the one shot we had of her brother had black hair and Enju? Ain’t got that. But I still hope he’s a relation of some kind. It’ll make their reunion ever more sweet. >D

Concluding Thoughts:

So yes. I have to learn how to stop questioning Arina Tanemura’s genius, clearly. All the Aoba/Sakura moments, I’m a happy, happy shipper today. <333333

Though, I’m half worried about Oumi’s role in the story. I mean, it’d be so easy for Arina Tanemura to just use her as a plot device, a character used just to further along the plot and the development of the main cast’s storyline, ya know? But then, Arina Tanemura actually has a pretty good track record when it comes to fleshing out her characters if we ignore Time Stranger Kyoko (and even then, I always had the sense that everyone DID have their own storyline, it’s just that the time constraint and the whole speeding to the climax hindered Arina Tanemura from fully giving us all the details) so I probably should just have a little more faith, I guess.

Anyhow, I look forward to the next chapter and seeing more of Enju! =D

Scanned by Aerandria Scans. I lay no claim on these images whatsoever.


5 Responses to “Sakurahime Kaden – Ch. 6 Recap Impressions”

  1. 1 Sapphire Pyro June 6, 2009 at 4:09 am

    I’ve finally started reading it, dear xD


  2. 3 kanzeon June 9, 2009 at 5:55 am

    OMG can I join the Aoba love train too? I freakin’ love him to bits XXXX333!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3 *squee*

  3. 5 Yume June 13, 2009 at 8:33 am

    I read this a while back but a point I definitely agree on: Sakura’s mind works in weird ways. XD Starting to really love him ‘cos Aoba tried to kill you? And she relates it back to her brother? Oh my…for some reason it makes me think of Enju (and that he’s even hotter now). *shot*

    Serve more badass Enju smexiness, Arina-sensei~ :3

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