Sakurahime Kaden – Ch. 5 Recap Impressions

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I’m FINALLY DONE TRANSFERRING ALL ANIMANGA POSTS FROM MY LJ TO HERE. *throws confetti everywhere* From hence forward all will be original content. =D Starting with a recap of the newest chapter of SHK. >D

pg. 3 – So, was it just me, or did anyone get the impression on the first page of the whole Sailor Moon intro scenes where Usagi would introduce herself all cutesy like that? ^^;;

pg. 4 – Okay, this has to be repeated, but I’m not liking the whole humans vs. demons thing, wherein being a human is so much better than being a demon. I mean, Sakura KNOWS a demon and is friends with her (Asagiri), so why would she just go and put a label on all demons as something unwanted and undesirable and evil?

pg. 5 – LULZ at how Sakura and Aoba nag at each other. It’s so like how the wife and husband would be guilt tripping each other into doing household chores or whatever, you know? =D


pg. 6 – Aw, I love how Sakura is all proud that she’s finally getting the hang of Chizakura.

pg. 8 – =O I get a sense that we’re gonna get some Aoba and Sakura development in this chapter~

pg. 9 – LOL I love how Kohaku (and Hayate) totally panicked the moment Sakura disappeared on them. SakuraxKohaku is soooooo cute. *.*

pg. 12 – Ewwwwwwww. Sakura, you’re not the only one disappointed that Fujimurasaki found you instead. (AOBA, APPEAR. KILL THIS POTENTIAL LOVE TRIANGLE NOW)


pg. 13-14 – *amused at horsetails* A love that grows and bonds through horsetails. Too awesome.

pg. 15 – =O It’s interesting that Fujimurasaki says “So you say that kind of thing too.” Right after she says that she can’t meet with Aoba, Fujimurasaki follows up by saying Aoba feels he can’t meet with Sakura either. So fascinating.

pg. 17-18 – This bond of never truly wanting to distance themselves from each other, yet not being able to communicate, is so fascinating.

pg. 19-20 – UGH UGH FUJIMURASAKI, KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF HER. Seriously, why the hell would you do something like that after telling her that her feelings for Aoba weren’t pointless?!?!?!?!?!? UGHHHHHHHH And the clichéd moment where Aoba finds them at the exact moment when Fujimurasaki kisses her. *STABS* I can’t believe the friggin’ love triangle is official now, I cannot believe this, I really, really cannot believe this. arghhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Okay, this better be like the Maora thing in Shinshi Doumei Cross wherein Maora chased after Sakura in order to like, speed up the relationship between Takanari and Haine or something. Even though I really hate that tactic, at least it is better than Fujimurasaki ACTUALLY being in love with Sakura. And that he just kissed her knowing that Aoba can see because he’s frustrated that they’re moving along so slowly with all these misunderstandings and is trying to push along the relationship or something. Ugh, the FujimurasakixSakura pairing MUST DIE A PAINFUL DEATH NOW

pg. 21 – *vomits in my mouth* If you’re gonna be so irresponsible about your duties as Crown Prince and say all this romance garbage, you don’t DESERVE to be Crown Prince. Ugh. *kicks*
Die Love Triangle DIE.


pg. 23 – =O Is it just me, or does Aoba has that flirtatious look that he gets in his eyes when he’s confronting Sakura? Though er, pushing a girl down like that is so not on.

pg. 24 – … Oh please. Come on Aoba, you kinda just shot the girl and tried to kill her, why in the world do you think she’s gonna give you a straight answer about whether or not she loves your cousin?

pg. 25 – BWUAHAHA BEST REACTION AND RETALIATION EVER SAKURA. Fester the misunderstandings, bwuahahah… *.*

pg. 26 – He totally deserved the smack to the face. Seriously did he lose brain cells when he saw that kiss or something? What a stupid question to ask, honestly.

pg. 27-28 – … The councillor is linked to a demon? I KNEW THAT THE ROYAL COURT HAS BEEN MESSING AROUND. (Let my theory be true~ *.*)


pg. 29 – =O Pretty demon is pretty. Is he related to Sakura? (You know, with the whole eye shining thing and the moon in the background. Anyhow, it’d be so awesome if this was true.) I approve of forehead markings. =D


pg. 30 – Wow, the maid’s death was drawn really nicely.

pg. 31 – … What’s the point of having a snake that kills its victims instantly but the snake self-destructs too at the end? Then every time you want to poison someone you’d have to enchant a new snake each time. It’s so… Inefficient. (Is there something in the water that’s making all the guys act stupid in this chapter or something? Blargh.)

pg. 32-33 – aslkfa WHERE IS MY OUMI BACKSTORY?! I want Oumi backstory now.

pg. 34-35 – … That has got to be one of the most un-stealthiest attempts to assassinate a prince I’ve EVER seen. Yes, pit a snake at him while his back is turned around! He totally won’t notice that YOU tried to kill him even through you’re the only person around who can set those snakes towards him. … I keep feeling like all the guys are being so stupid in this chapter. That is a horrid sign. I can’t take stupidity.

pg. 38 – Homg the tension between Sakura and Aoba… *_____* AobaxSakura pairing is SO MESSED UP. Now, if only they just got Fujimurasaki with Sakura out of the picture… (I would not mind FujimurasakixAoba though. Kukuku.)

pg. 41 – … Um, that last page? Better not mean that she’s accepting his proposal. IT BETTER NOT. *is refusing to acknowledge the whole symbolism with the horsetails right now* (Maybe she wants to meet the Emperor! Maybe she heard that the palace is pretty and wants to see the scenery! … *CRIES*)

Concluding Thoughts:

… Weakest chapter by far. *sighs* But I suppose it’s necessary to develop the relationship between Sakura and Aoba… But gawd, MUST we have that damn love triangle in order to achieve this?! *headdesks x10000000000000000* And all the guys were being idiots and there wasn’t enough of the awesome female cast (where was Asagiri?! Oumi?! Kohaku?! *CRIES* I’d take a triangle with them than with the stupid Crown Prince any day. I vote for KohakuxSakuraxAoba!! >D) And there was no demon fighting and demon/human talk and Chizakura… Honestly, the best part of this chapter was meeting the demon-that-has-ties-with-royal-court-and-whom-may-potentially-be-related-to-Sakura. And that was what, two pages of the whole damn chapter? Argh, just, argh. I’m so down, I can’t even get it in myself to feel remotely excited about reading the next chapter… *sighs* (Someone write me SakuraxAoba fic with no Fujimurasaki in sight to comfort me. Or fanart. I’d take fanart. Or distract me with the shiny KohakuxSakura and OumixAsagiri. I’m all for that.)

Um, unless something incredibly amazing happens in the next chapter or two, I’m going to be seriously tempted to drop this. *sighs* Just, this chapter was really =.= for me. ToT

Scanned by Aerandria Scans. I lay no claim on these images whatsoever.


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