Sakurahime Kaden – Ch. 4 Recap Impressions

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Wee after this, one more recap to revise and a new recap for the lastest SHK chapter and I’ll finally be up to speed! =D

pg. 1 – Hmm, Chapter Title intrigues moi. “Right now, it’s still a fleeting bond” *.* Do I get examination of the ties in the relationships the cast has w/ one another?! *is hopeful*

pg. 2 – … I need to see Aoba with his hair let out in his older form now. *.* Although, Aoba wanted to protect Sakura from what, exactly? x.x Sheesh, he hasn’t even actually talked to her yet, why is he saying stuff like that? But anyhow, besides that, I’m interested in when exactly did the hate start coming into their relationship. >D

pg. 3 – *.* can haz true form of Sakura?!!?!? *.*

pg. 5 – WAH, KOHAKU!!! *HUGS* I love how she doesn’t even hesitate to protect Sakura. Argh, I want to ship KohakuxSakura but… *stares at my AobaxSakura ship* ToT

ishestupid kohakudad

pg. 6 – lolz! Hehe, everyone’s reaction to Kohaku’s recklessness. Poor Hayate, he must have to deal with this aspect of her personality a lot. xD Hahaha POOR KOHAKU’S FATHER, He looks like he’s gonna faint from his rebellious daughter’s antics. >D

pg. 7 – “If he wanted to kill me, he could have attacked me when I was sleeping in the mansion. Why does he have to go out of his way to use demons many times to lure me out…?” =O There’s something to this that I can’t quite put a finger on. You know, I think Sakura is very perceptive when it comes to Aoba. Like how she notices the sad smiles on his face, and notes his actions and stuff. It’s a proof of their ~*bond*~


pg. 8 – HOMG WHAT IS THIS WHY IS AOBA A WOLF!??!?! Is he a demon too!?!?? *.* No wait, that was just me being stupid, obviously this is magic. But yes, I approve of wolf form, lulz. >D

pg. 9 – Shit wait, what wolf from before?!?!?! o.O I don’t remember a wolf appearing in the previous chapters… *makes note to reread* And… HOMG AOBA BIT KOHAKU?!!?!? O.O

pg. 10-11 – transform Sakura… Transform… *.*

pg. 12 – =O She resisted?! … Omg, do I get sword power development in this chapter?!!?!??! TOO AWESOME

pg. 15 – Glimpse of Sakura’s parents backstory, I can haz it? *.*


pg. 17 – Hehehe, ninja Asagiri to the rescue! Bah to old men advisors, I’m so sick of seeing them in these historical dramas stuff.

pg. 18 – LULZ, I love how the dude freaked out because of the frog and not because he took the flute, hehe. Ohhhh and lookie!! Oumi is back!! Can haz Oumi and Sakura interaction? >D


pg. 19 – Wait, wait, what is this? OUMI TALKED TO ASAGIRI!? =O =O =O Hehehe, Oumi is all flustered. Hehe, I bet she just noticed that she talked to Asagiri on her own. How messed up is it that I want to ship Oumi/Asagiri?! *is shot by all*

pg. 20-21 – *.* Aoba and Sakura interaction, hohoho. I like this exchange on ‘what’s important to you’ and how one should lead their lives. And I love how it’s brimming with misunderstandings and trying to guess what each other’s words mean. >D


pg. 22-24 – =O The long awaited Arina Tanemura trademark bird feathers that come out of nowhere! =D (I like them, I swear, but it amuses me how random they sometimes are, like how they were used here)

pg. 26 – Um, if Aoba was about to kill her with the sword, but then tells her to dodge it later, isn’t this proof that there is more going on with Aoba than the words he’s been saying before? *.* Oh Aoba, you fascinate me to no end. HOMG HAZ THEORY TO AOBA’S ACTIONS, BUT IT’S NOT RELATED TO RECAP SO WILL SAVE FOR LATER

pg. 27-28 – lolz the sword fell in love with Sakura’s speech! W00t for sword approval!! So who else got strong Time Stranger Kyoko vibes here, btw? >D


pg. 29 – Um, I’ve got to say, the image where Sakura runs past Aoba in the bottom of this page is gorgeous. There’s something just really simple and breathtaking about it. =D

pg. 30 – SAKURA > DEMON. BOOYAH. Homg, I love Sakura, keep this up and you may be my favourite Arina Tanemura heroine yet.

pg. 31 – =O So, when she slays demons, they kind of turn into cherry blossoms and fade off? Or am I reading too much into this?


pg. 34 – *breathes* Okay, okay, maybe this won’t be the triangle of d00m I so hate… And, I suppose his relaxed attitude is a nice foil to Aoba, not to mention much needed comic relief… OH WHO AM I KIDDING, GET YOUR HANDS OFF SAKURA, DUDE, IF THIS BECOMES A LOVE TRIANGLE BETWEEN SAKURA AND THE TWO BOYS I *WILL* DITCH THIS SERIES, DAMNIT!! D<

pg. 35 – So, let us address the Emperor. He Emperor gives Sakura a rather impossible sounding mission (Can’t see true form thus ppl can’t seal it), and the Emperor will accept her only if she defeats this demon and then as a reward, “guarantee her life”?! WHO ELSE HERE THINKS THIS EMPEROR IS KIND OF MAJORLY SKETCHY!?
*sarcasm* So, for being at the Emperor’s beck and call to get rid of demons at any time, what kind of pay does she get? ’cause this sounds like one heck of a shitty job, and the only way this is gonna be worth it is if she gets some big fat lump sum at the end of it all, along with this “guarantee her life” crap .


pg. 36 – Hehehe, ah, the cat and dog moments from Chapter 1!! I love them, they’re so immature and cute like that. >D lulz, I love the fact that Aoba says “Even if you cry, I absolutely won’t save you!” *rolls eyes* That’s what you say now, and look who has been observing Sakura a lot, knowing how she cries and stuff? *amused*

pg. 37 – Hehe, Aoba is keeping watch on her, eh~? homg my theory, it just keeps growing.

pg. 38 – Okay, Aoba “bit [Kohaku] seriously”, but she isn’t bleeding. *.* aldkfja I WANT TO SPILL MY THEORY ON EVERYONE. *is gagged to make me shut up*

pg. 39-40 – lulz, I do like how Fujimurasaki can reel Aoba up so easily. Honestly, it’s not that I hate him, it’s just that I’m really weary of another love triangle of d00m, and let’s just say two contenders for the throne fighting over their trophy wife troupe doesn’t exactly warm my heart, to say the least.Aerandria Scans seems to think Aoba/Fujimurasaki could work, lulz. Didn’t really give that impression to me in my reading of this chapter, but *anything* is better than Fujimurasaki/Sakura/Aoba. So if we have Fujimurasaki/Aoba, then we don’t have horrid love triangle business, I suppose. =D

Concluding Thoughts:

And I end off this recap feeling 1) happy about sword development, 2) finding a new ship in Oumi/Asagiri (the world is gonna kill me for this. *cries*) 3) finding this Emperor dude majorly sketch 4) my theoryyyyy *.* 5) love triangle of d00m GTFO and 6) SO YEAH, WHERE IS MY NEXT CHAPTER?! =D =D =D

My Theory on Aoba, Let Me Show Them to You:


Okay, okay, so after looking at the first page wherein Aoba was all like “I want to protect you” blah blah blah, I was at first annoyed that he thinks he’s entitled to go around protecting some “fragile” girl that he hasn’t so much as talked to, and the whole present day situation making this sound hypocritical. But then I started thinking, what if he was serious about protecting her? And then I started having all these thoughts~!!!

So, we know that people at the court know about Sakura being a demon and all. And people being the way they are, I bet a lot of them aren’t exactly thrilled about Sakura’s existence and perhaps some of them wish her harm. I’m putting my money on the fact that the Emperor is involved in this theoretical “conspiracy”, but of course, I’m open to other suggestions. Now let’s just say that Aoba got wind some part of this conspiracy, and basically realizes that Sakura was in danger. And him being part of the court and stuff, I’m assuming that he doesn’t have a lot of ways to outwardly protect her without letting the higher-ups realize that he knows about their ploy. So he devises a way to keep close to Sakura at all times and yet not let anyone be suspicious of his actions, betrayal of loyalties, etc etc. Which is, as we see, an act of hunting her down, aggressive enough so that people will think he’s serious about this, but yet not enough to kill her/cause major damage that she can’t recover from. And by staying close to her, he can try and figure out everything and everyone behind the conspiracy, as they slowly come after her. It could be kind of like how Miyako was chasing after Jeanne in order to protect Marron from back in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne days!!

Of course, I may be completely wrong, and I see a prevalent theory on Aoba’s actions being a result of Aoba being too conscious of what others in the court think of him. But if we spin it and say that Aoba is just very in tune with what the court is thinking/doing, and assuming that the court has malicious intents for Sakura, Aoba would have found out due to his insight on court affairs, and tried to stop it without letting anyone know he’s onto something. *.* And I’m hoping the hate bit comes more into play as well in Aoba’s actions.

So, my theory, dice or no dice? =/

Scanned by Aerandria Scans. I lay no claim on these images whatsoever.


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