Sakurahime Kaden – Ch. 2 Recap Impressions

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…I meant to post the rest of the recaps yesterday, I really did! But apparently I can no longer be a functional human being on June 2 for the next two years as I go fangirl crazy for the Demon’s Lexicon trilogy release date, which will be held always on June 2. (Which, btw, is an AMAZING novel and y’all should check it out and buy it. Link!) *coughs* but yeah, hereby the new and improved recap of SHK, Ch. 2!

pg. 1-2 – homg, Sakura in mahou shoujo outfit is too gorgeous for words. *oogles splash page*


pg. 5 – And and, transformed!Sakura continues to be so badass. <33

pg. 6 – lolz, I like Sakura’s catchphrase “Heavenly Punishment Under the Moon. It’s no use trying to redeem yourself!” Very epic.

pg. 7- lolz, nice to see that she still has troubles with the sword. I think the direct relation with how the sword only obeys Princess Kaguya and the way it’s kind of half obeying Sakura is very interesting. =D

pg. 9 – Hmm, Byakuya said to make the sword ‘like her’ so that it’ll obey her. Does this mean the sword originally obeyed her grandmother because it ‘liked’ her? What kind of relationship the sword had with Princess Kaguya~? *is intrigued*

pg. 13 – =O Am uber curious about Asagiri’s dream.

pg. 14 – Hmm, Oumi’s hatred of monsters could be interesting in terms of how Arina Tanemura uses it in unravelling the story… And she deals with demons by ignoring them, apparently? Well, that’s how she treats Asagiri, anyhow.

pg. 15 – hehe AOBA, YOU LADY KILLER. <333 His constant teasing, I heart it. Hehe, even moar bonus that he actually knew she was there. >D


pg. 18 – Aww, poor Sakura and no one understanding why she opposes the marriage so much. *BEAR HUGS HER*

pg. 20 – Also, I really like the fact that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship unless there’s love involved. Because, honestly, romantic relationships take commitment, and it’s not fun when it’s loveless, just tolerating each other as they are forced to spend their lives together. No fun at all. Argh while we’re at it, here I insert some pro-women’s rights thoughts wherein it’s so frustrating to see that a girl depends on getting married to a good guy with good income in order to keep living the way she has. It’s not fair that so much depends on the guy to be the breadwinner and the girl to sit around and play housewife. ><” I think that’s why it’s just that much more important for Sakura that there’s love involved, because if you must be tied down in such a way, the only thing that can make it bearable is if you have genuine affection for one another. (Hmm, on that note, I hope Sakura runs away again or something, ’cause it’s just too early for them to get married at the moment. I want Arina Tanemura to give them a more solid bond before they enter into marriage.)

pg. 21 – lolz, Aoba and his archery, stealing the hearts of millions. =D

pg. 22 – hehehe, I don’t think his teasing will ever get old. I mean, I love Sakura, but she’s too easy. And it’s cute. =D

pg. 23-25 – Aaaaaaand, revelation of Sakura’s hate has been revealed! She holds a grudge against him for never visiting her, never seeing her when she had no real bonds with anyone else but him. And it’s lonely, feeling like you’re the only one who cares to keep this bond you have with this person who won’t ever see you. And self-defeating. *hugs*


pg. 26 – lolz, and Aoba keeps treating her like a kid.


Hmm, and while patting her head, Aoba has this ‘sad smile’ on his face. I think, this probably has to do with the whole hating each other yet being unable to stop caring. (First page of first chapter, and Sakura always throwing away the letters and saying how much she hates the prince, yet she always picks the letters up again and reads it). Oh man, this is such an interesting dynamic~

pg. 27 – lol, Sakura’s so soft and innocent, wanting to apologize for being harsh.


pg. 28 – And enter another male lead that plays the flute to woo women. This family is all full of womanizers, it’s so clear now. =D (That being said, he BETTER not form a love triangle with Aoba x Sakura. *shudders* We don’t need more stupid ShizumasaxHainexTakanari parallels with the whole fighting to win the perfect trophy wife story. ><“” )


pg. 29 – heheh, and Sakura hides behind Aoba, using him as a shield~ hehe, and Aoba looks so annoyed too. Ah, I love these Aoba and Sakura moments.

pg. 30 – Eh, I’m not a big fan of Aoba’s little possessive ‘She’s mine’ comment, but I think it probably has to do with Aoba’s grudge against the crown prince aka Fujimurasaki-sama (maybe he thinks the crown prince keeps ‘taking’ things from him?!) and not his actual opinions on Sakura being an object to possess.

pg. 31 – I like the “Her fate and mine… are connected!” bit. I would love to see how this intertwined fate of theirs works out. >D

pg. 32 – lol, Sakura keeps going to Oumi for advice and stuff, doesn’t she? If Asagiri plays the little sister role to her (or cute pet/mascot), then Oumi’s definitely the strict older sister type.

pg. 35 – Aw, even when Aoba keeps teasing her, Sakura worries and wants to cheer him up when she thinks he’s been wronged. Too cute. =D (And I love the fact that her idea of cheering up is to ladle him with ~*praise*~, hehe.)

pg. 36 – *shudders* omg Aoba, what did you – what are you saying – WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO THIS STORY OMFG?! I CALL BULLSHIT ON THIS “I want you to fall in love with me for sure” TALK. BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT. (let’s try to be optimistic here… maybe Sakura just interpreted his words wrong! Maybe this is an Aoba doppelganger)

pg. 37 – Again with a sad smile after saying “I didn’t think that would be the reason why you hate me”. blah, omfg, was I reading too much into the sad smile at the beginning?! Nooooo *clings onto first page of first chapter*

*barfs* Argh, I can’t believe this… AOBA WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?! Okay okay, um, maybe Arina Tanemura is just messing around again. Like, seriously, did you think if you just made yourself all ‘perfect’ and ‘talented’, then you’d be able to win the girl without talking to her once and get her luv forever and ever unto death!?!??!?! DID YOU!? I mean, I understand why Sakura might want to believe it, because she always had hope in Aoba, but OMFG, this just can’t be for real. It can’t, it can’t, omfg. WORDS CAN’T DESCRIBE HOW DEPRESSED I AM ABOUT THIS.
Am depressed, don’t want to read further……… But I’m so close to the end of the chapter….. And SHK sounded so promising in the first chapter… *goes off to weep*

pg. 42 – Ugh, Sakura is starting to forgive him and goes off to write poetry. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HATE DYNAMIC?! WHAT HAPPENEDDDDDD!?!?!?

pg. 44-45 – =O what is this?!?!?! OUMI BETRAYS SAKURA?!?! lol, I don’t ever remember betrayals being THIS early in Arina Tanemura’s manga… Me like. =D (And now I have to reanalyze Oumi’s character… So interesting. =D) And someone wants to kill Sakura… I’m too scared to voice out my hopeful thoughts, I was so thoroughly crushed a couple pages ago…8

pg. 47 – Wee, Sakura transformation! And Arina Tanemura didn’t spend any pages showing Sakura trying to write poetry, which is the only saving grace of that matter. Ah, more troubles with sword, it really does warm my heart. (Though it’d be cool to see something more than just it not obeying her by not coming out and instead do something else…)

pg. 48 – Hehe, I like how Sakura keeps getting frustrated that the demons keep referring to her as Kaguya. I think she is really proud of herself, her position as princess, and doesn’t want to be called anything but what she is. =D


pg. 50 – zomg what just happened?! Why is it raining arrows?!


pg. 52 – Er, Byakuya, can we say, ‘A LITTLE TOO LATE’ here?! Good job noticing Aoba’s grudge NOW when he is about to kill her.

pg. 53 – I’m trying really hard not to think about the sketchy pseudo-incest with Aoba’s father and grandfather being in love with Sakura’s mother and grandmother. Nope, no thoughts at all. Ah, Aoba couldn’t get his position as Crown Prince! Well, that explains the grudge that he has against Fujimurasaki-san. And the whole shooting at Sakura and not visiting her thing. =D

pg. 54 – zomg, he actually said ‘I’ve always hated you’ back!! hehe SWEET, NOW ALL THEIR FEELINGS ARE OUT IN THE AIR. THE HATE DYNAMIC IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN I EXPECTED.

pg. 55 – zomg DOUBLE BETRAYAL BY OUMI!! She cries while calling her a monster!!



Conclusion, aka Thoughts on Oumi:

Okay, so from what I’ve gathered, most ppl abhor Oumi for betraying Sakura. Well, I don’t like her, persay, but I don’t curse her name and wish her to suffer a horrid death or anything either. I actually think it’s kind of interesting that Arina Tanemura got Oumi to betray her first, and what all that implies.

Like, first of all, we were all let on from the get go that Oumi doesn’t like demons, and it probably has something to do with her past, most likely. From the way she treats Asagiri, she mostly ignores and/or looks down on demons, them being ‘monsters’ and all. She never really was all like ‘KILL DEMONS’, and she mostly just flinched away from Sakura when she tried to touch her at the end of Ch.2, when she never flinched before. Guilt, maybe? I really wish we knew more about her past, it could be fascinating.

Also, Oumi plays the older sister role in the story before her betrayal. I dunno, I think Oumi doesn’t actually hate Sakura, persay, because if she really couldn’t tolerate and is prejudiced against demons she wouldn’t even talk to Sakura. And she did defend Sakura at the beginning of Chapter 1 and was the one to inform Aoba about the letters. So I think Oumi is actually quite fond of Sakura and her betrayal is less of a personal grudge against Sakura and more to do with her past. Or Aoba lured her into the betrayal? Whatever it is, I’m just waiting around for her backstory to be revealed. Plus, all this betrayal leads to a very interesting story with much inner conflicting emotions in Sakura’s psyche, which is always awesome. =D

Scanned by Aerandria Scans. I lay no claim on these images whatsoever.


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