Sakurahime Kaden – Ch. 1 Recap Impressions

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And so I finally got off my lazy ass and am starting to transfer the new and revised versions of my recaps from my old lj into here~~ Now complete with new insert images and page numbers. Some of the bullets from the original post are now in a different order to correspond with the proper page number. The rest of my recaps will come trickling in… Ever so slowly…


pg. 1-3 – SHK’s first few splash colour pages just reminded me how good Arina Tanemura’s colour art was. Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous, and I’m really digging the gorgeous sakura petals. =D Also, mysterious dark monologue from Aoba = win. The whole duality between ‘hated you’ and ‘looked at you’ is very interesting, imo. Wah, the tagline  ‘more than love or passion’ on the cover is made of so much win too!! ❤

pg. 4-9 – lolz, I like how it first started off like it was going to be the stereotypical ‘nooooo I dun wanna get engagedddddd’ and then when she meets her fiancee before knowing his identity, she will fall for him. But Arina Tanemura decided to NOT disappoint me and instead have Aoba, the messenger, be the first guy to catch her and promptly insult her with ‘bear’ analogies and give them a cat and dog relationship!! THANK YOU ARINA TANEMURA-SAMA!! *bows* I also liked how from the very beginning she opposed the marriage engagement thing not because she wanted to find ‘twu luv’ on her own, but because she wanted to shape her own destiny. (“I’m going to choose what I wear, whom I love, and my destiny – on my own” pg 6) FINALLY, AN ARINA TANEMURA HEROINE WHO DOESN’T HAVE ~*L-O-V-E*~ AS HER FIRST AND ONE TRUE PRIORITY OF HER LIFE!! OMG ARINA-SAMA, IT’S BEEN TOO LONG.

pg. 10 – I love how Sakura takes umbrage over his teasing and being annoyed with him disrespecting her title as princess. =P Sakura-chan feels like the strong willed kind of heroine who takes her title as Princess very seriously, demanding this to be acknowledged by others, and I approve. ❤ LOLZ, AND SHE EATS FOOD SECRETIVELY BEHIND BAMBOO SCREEN!! *DIES* I approve of Sakura more and more.


pg. 11 – hehe, I could get to like Aoba. His teasing, mocking tendencies endear him to me. Also, he constantly sticks out his tongue when he ‘wins’. lolz, too childish, too cute. *ruffles his hair* Ah, the Sakura x Aoba interactions in this chapter, they make me laugh.



pg. 13 – *tries very hard to not think about Full Moon wo Sagashite when we see Sakura staring at the moon* OH, KAGUYA-HIME REFERENCES! I heart mythology references, hehehe, wonder how Arina Tanemura will incorporate the myth in this story. *is sufficiently distracted and in happy place*

pg. 14 – hahaz, I love how Sakura, instead of being all romantic mode and touched when Asagiri was like ‘maybe someone is calling to you’ (pg. 13), she flipped and freaked out at first. That’s a NORMAL kind of reaction that you never see in shoujo manga, I swear. And, wow, is it just me, or does Sakura gets teary eyed really often…?

pg. 16 – An old shinto priestess spouting ominous words… Not exactly the most original of things, but I shall be appeased by how pleased I am with Sakura so far. ❤


pg. 18 – hehe, Aoba’s words on being ‘nervous’ when he talked with Byakuya about Sakura was most interesting… All blushy and stuff. Looks almost… Frustrated? Is he hiding something? =D All I can say is, it better have something to do with the hate and looking at her bit from the first page. *is excited*



pg. 22-23 – ooh, the bit Oumi reveals about Sakura keeping the letters from Prince Oura is most interesting! She ‘hates’ him, but keeps coming back to the letters, reading it over, looking at them once more… hehe, sounds familiar with the first page, doesn’t it? omg, Arina Tanemura has got do to something with this dynamic the two hold for each other. I CALLED IT!! =D Also, I should mention this before it gets lost in the sea of rambling, it’s sad that Sakura’s family all died off. *hugs her*

pg. 26 – I… will not think of the cliche that the exact day Sakura left home, it was just oh so coincidentally the night of a full moon. Nope, definitely not thinking about it.

pg. 27 – =O The demon called Sakura ‘Princess Kaguya!’ Most interesting…

pg. 29 –  Blargh, and Aoba comes to the rescue… Um, okay, but I will forgive this if SAKURA is the one that takes down the demon at the end of the day with her own abilities. =D

pg. 30 – So… Demons can tell where Sakura is when she looks at the full moon and think she is Princess Kaguya… Interesting, interesting…

pg. 32 – =O Grandchild of Princess Kaguya?! You mean, she isn’t a reincarnation?! *is shot* … I approve, very much so. =D And homg at the “Hidden sword to exterminate demons” line. >D WE CAN HAZ SWASHBUCKLING AND SAKURA KICKING ASS?! RLY?!

pg. 35 – =O Life letter ‘destroy’ reveal is most excellent.

pg. 38 – =O And Sakura comes to Aoba’s rescue when demon attacks! All is forgiven. =D


pg. 39-40 – AL;SKDJFAL OMG SAKURA’S OUTFIT SO PRETTY WAHHHHHHHH~~!!! omg the beautiful KKJ flashes. Be still, my KKJ fangirling heart And homg, the sakura petals are so pretty. This splash page deserves to be IN COLOUR, I swear. ❤


pg. 41 – Even the way she summons her weapon is so pretty. =D

pg. 43 – HAHAHA AND THE SWORD DOESN’T OBEY HER! Sweet, life’s just not interesting if everything goes smoothly, you know? And it’ll be cool to see how Sakura can get the sword to bide her will later on.

pg. 44 – Nice, Sakura is determined to use sword to save everyone. I think I may have a girlcrush, just a little

pg. 45-48 – Holy shit that’s some crazy stunt she did to exterminate the demon! THIS IS EVEN BETTER THAN I EXPECTED! ..I’m liking her so much. And! It all made sense with the way the sword was only half obeying her! =D Mucho approval.


pg. 49 – Aww, and she cries in relief when she saves everyone! I like her crying, it’s not annoying in the slightest. I think Sakura is just one of those really emotional girls that gets teary eyed whenever she feels strong emotions, as oppose to, you know, just being an emo kid. And it shows how young she is, along with her strong-will. *hugs her*

pg. 50 And the trademark Arina Tanemura moment where her heroines stop crying and smiles all blushy and teary eyed for our leading man, lolz.

pg. 51 – Aww, Aoba is taken in, just ever so slightly. How cute. I think I could get to like this couple if they keep interacting in this way. MOAR AOBA X SAKURA INTERACTIONS, PLEASE.

pg. 54 – “I’ll ask them to bring out porridge or something when we arrive, so bear with your hunger” Hehehe, Aoba already picked up on Sakura’s eating habits. And homg AOBA DESCRIBES HIMSELF AS A LADY KILLER, ROFL!! *DIES* I love you Aoba, so so much.

pg. 57 – lolz, so he just went disguising as the ‘messenger’ to play a joke on her? Bet that’s not all there is to it though, hope to see more ties with the first page revelation on the hate dynamic.


Concluding Thoughts:

So, Sakura is an awesome heroine and Aoba’s mysterious and full of flirty awesomeness, and I think I could get to like them as a couple! =D The KKJ vibes I get all over this series make me squee in pure joy.

Scanned by Aerandria Scans. I lay no claim on these images whatsoever.


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