Watashi ni xx Shinasai!! Ch. 1 Recap


I should be working on revising those Sakurahime Kaden recaps, but just thinking of the work I have to go through to number the pages and rereading chapters to insert art gave me a headache. So, I thought, to refresh myself a little, I’d give y’all a recap of Watashi ni xx Shinasai!! (I’m not sure if I’ll recap this series all the way till the end, but I had fun doing the recaps for this particular chapter and, if I realize that I still have things to say, I’ll write the recaps on a chapterly basis)


Yukina Himuro is a creepy, gloomy student, called “Absolute Zero Snow-woman” by her peers and capable of freezing anyone with a single glare. Yet, despite outward appearances, her “glares” are simply her observing the people around her, and she uses them as “models” to write up in her extremely popular cellphone novels under her secret alias “Yupina”. However, the one thing that she has never written on up to date is a love story. She feels that while every other kind of social interaction, she can easily imagine in her mind, whereas for “love”, she must have experienced it herself to be able to write about such a thing. Even though she finds love hard to write about, she becomes determined to write one from the encouragement of her fans. All she needs now is a partner to help her out…

In comes Kitami Shigure, a cool, well-liked guy in her school, whom Yukina deems from the very moment she sees him as “boring” because he “always smiles the same way”. She catches one of her classmates, Aizawa-san, confessing to Shigure. He dropped a student notebook on the ground and when Yukina picks it up she discovers it has all the names of the girls in her class written on it…

Yukina confronts Shigure after school, as he searches frantically in his desk for the notebook. She shows him the two student notebooks she has in her hands, and comments on how an outrageous playboy he is. Shigure smiles at this and comments airily that it’s not his fault that they all fall in love with him, and it was an interesting way to pass time, without a single shred of remorse in his eyes. For Shigure, playing nice in front of everyone is the easiest way to live life. After his revelation he grabs for Yukina, who drops the notebook in her hands, and Shigure grabs it back. He makes an insincere apology, and this was where Yukina cuts him off, declaring that she’d like to make Shigure “her partner” as she reveals the many copies she has of the notebook to get him to comply. Yukina demands that he fall in love with her, and tells him to start by first holding her hand. With no choice, Shigure slides his hand into hers.


When I first heard of this series, I really didn’t think that I’d end up liking it as much as I did. I mean, from the surface, it had the whole unpopular girl meets popular boy and they fall madly in love with each other vibe going for it, but it was the little things in this novel that made it original and interesting. Namely, the use of cellphone novel as a big motivating factor in Yukina’s personality, and the blackmail bit. I’m not too sure where Tooyama Ema-sensei is going with this story, but the opening chapter is interesting enough for me to stick around for a while.

Now, for more specific thoughts on the chapter~


I love Yukina’s face. She has this cold, poker face look, and we can see exactly how people can misunderstand her intentions when she stares so fixatedly upon someone, an intense focus in her eyes in a face that reveals nothing.


It’s also a nice compare and contrast with Shigure’s constant smile. It’s an open and friendly expression, and yet, as Yukina notices, it never changes, never revealing what he is thinking inside.


Also, while we’re on the topic of character sketches, I found the way the mangaka drew Akira, Yukina’s only friend, interesting in a sort of apprehensive way. The hair covers his face, and we only really see him with melon bread and around to give Yukina encouragement for writing her novel. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, except that I’m worried that Tooyama-sensei is just gonna made Akira a plot device for Yukina’s character development or something. In other words, I’m worried she’s just going to use him to give Yukina more depth without bothering to give Akira a personality at all. Of course, it is only the first chapter and perhaps Akira will play a bigger role (NOT for Yukina’s benefit, but on his own terms, if you know what I mean) but the fact that she doesn’t even bother to draw in his eyes, let alone the tiny panel space he gets, making him very easy to forget about, disturb me a little.

This may be a little nitpicky, but I thought I’d point out these two spread pages anyhow.



Does anyone else find the whole two spread page and uncanny similar layout to them (a big shot of Yukina’s face, then a smaller shot to capture Shigure’s expression to the side) a little much? I dunno, I thought the two spread pages could have just been squeezed into one. I found it jarring when I first read it, honestly.

However this is seriously a minor complaint, since I’m quite happy with the page layout of basically all the other pages of this chapter. Particularly the last few, with the whole finger touching thing.




Admit it, that was hot. Up until that moment, I honestly thought the title was rather inappropriate to the actual very tame content of the chapter and then this happened and I was like, woah, I never thought finger touching could be so hot.

For better or worse, I’m looking forward to the next chapter. =D 

So yeah… Yay for finally some original content on my blog! =D Thoughts on the series? Erm, was this recap any good at all? Improvements I can make in recapping? I am all ears. =D


4 Responses to “Watashi ni xx Shinasai!! Ch. 1 Recap”

  1. 1 Sapphire Pyro May 31, 2009 at 1:03 am

    Yay! You’ve read it too xD

    Aaaw . . .I wish Akira will have more focus next time too! It totally sucks if he’s just there for Yukina’s development >_>

    looking forward to what happens next too xD

  2. 4 Lyndsey June 17, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    I love it when a girl uses an annoying guy to get what she need, not uses them in a I want to get to the top sorta way, but in a honest attempt to improve themselves, in this case her writing. I love this girl! I hope she doesn’t develop feelings for that playboy though, I think he should get feelings for her, and she should decide that she has enough information for her novel and stop blackmailing him. Then he is left not knowing what to do. Ha ha ha!

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