The Mandatory Introduction Post

Now with the About, Comment Policy and AniManga mandatory posts out of the way, there’s only the intro post left!

So yes, hi, I am wingstodust and this is my new animanga blog Gal Imagery. The About page should tell you all you would wanna know about what to expect in this blog so check it out~

So, my plans~

First up, I’ll be moving and revising/expanding my animanga blog posts that were in my LJ over here, including the Sakura Hime Kaden recap posts. (Yeah, I was tempted to drop my recaps before, but I decided that since this series is short, I’ll stick to my recaps to the bitter, bitter end. Besides, the side cast is too amazing to stop blogging about. =D) Then once I update all those posts, which should be done by the end of this month or early next month, I’ll post actual new original content for this blog. I’m guessing from my old habits that I’ll mostly make manga review-ish posts, and maybe one or two anime impressions. In other words, more manga than anime. Manga is just easier for me to talk about, and no need for screencaps, which I really suck at. ^^;;

Also, I know my default header does not match the whole animanga feel, but I love it, and it’s my temp banner for now until I go and find one that has anime characters or something. Or er, make one myself I suppose… <—— LAZY

I’ll also try to be more organized with my tags and stuff, but I’ve never been particularly good at that so… =/

Um, also, does anyone know how I’m supposed to do a cut on these posts? ^^;;;; <– is hopeless with a comp.

Erm, anyhow, HAI IT’S NICE TO MEET YOU ALL~!! =D =D <333


8 Responses to “The Mandatory Introduction Post”

  1. 1 Sapphire Pyro May 22, 2009 at 6:10 am

    I already know how you write/fangurl so I know I’m going to love this blog xD

    About the cutting, I mentioned it at DW. hehe


  2. 2 kelakagandy May 22, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    Welcome to wordpress!! : D

    There’s a button for cuts called “Insert More tag” It looks like a rectangle with a dotted line through it. You can also use Alt+Shift+T :]

  3. 5 kirapika May 25, 2009 at 3:04 am

    Hi~ welcome to wordpress πŸ˜€
    is not in wordpress anymore though..

    Hope you have even more fun with animanga blogging because it really is. I’m excited to see you blogging more XP

    Good luck! :3

    PS. As for the cuts, it’s either you press the button where there are two boxes separated by a line in the Visual editor or use this code: ‘

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